Wellplan established with the main purpose to provide high quality service of commercial cleaning to our clients Our major cleaning activities are concentrated at commercial building.In order to fulfill these contracts the company has purchased a number of vehicles, communication tools and cleaning machineries.

Our Products

We provide all necessary chemicals, materials, machinery and equipment for the mentioned cleaning operation
Range of chemicals to be used :-

Wax Stripper Strip dirt on floor before polish work.
Floor Polish Polish all polish able floor surfaces.
Multipurpose Detergent Mop clean all type of floor surfaces.
Sani-Clean Remove stubborn stains from floor surfaces with low speed scrubbing machine or deck brush.
Pine Pleasant flora disinfectant & deodorizer with cleaning action.
Urinals Tablets Keep urinal bowls clean & deodorized with cleaning action.
Toilet Bowl Cleaner Remove stubborn stains on porcelain surface of w.c. bowls, washing basins and urinals bowls.
Glass Kleen To clean windows with glass Panels.
Carpet Shampoo Shampoo clean disinfect and deodorize carpets.
Stainless Steel Polish stainless surfaces.
Freshscent Disinfect and deodorize Telephone & room.